Saturday, January 15, 2011

Increase Blog Traffic - 4 Simple & Effective Ways

While many people have set up a blog as a personal journal to recount their thoughts, experiences and just about anything they want to write about, there are also a growing number of individuals who are maintaining blogs as a viable source of income. In fact most online marketers keep their own blogs and have shared secrets on how to increase blog traffic.
If you think about it, blogging without anyone bothering to read up the entries defeats the purpose of writing a blog in the first place. Even if you have an outstanding design to attract visitors, it takes extra efforts to increase blog traffic since you practically have to compete with millions of other blogs out there.
One of the best and most effective ways to increase blog traffic is through the use of Twitter. If you do not have an account, it is highly advisable that you should get one so you can tweet other people and convince them to read your blog posts and comment on those posts. Quite naturally, if you have posted an interesting link, there is a high chance people will click on it and be redirected to your blog, and thereby bringing in additional traffic. The same thing goes for you as a reader wanting to participate on a blog by making comments. Most of the time, a community of network is created in Twitter where people follow one another's post, keep tabs with the latest blog buzz and comment. This means you can look into the possibility of creating a circle of bloggers or tweeters that actively interacts. So the more you comment on their posts, the more motivated they are to do the same for you.
You can also consider joining some forums and participate in the discussions. This may require a bit of finesse since you cannot just pop up and invite others to visit your blog. You will need to establish your presence, casually slip links to your blog to related posts or maybe include the URL in your forum signature.
Another equally effective idea is to set up RSS feeds and install in on your blog site. With the fresh content it is churning out, spiders are bound to crawl and index your pages. You can also opt to advertise your site in your email signatures and business cards. This is especially effective if your blog features specific products and services. Nowadays, people prefer looking up a particular business online as it becomes supremely convenient.
At last but not the least, you can also consider submitting your articles to major directories to effectively increase blog traffic, especially for people who are looking up for particular information you are featuring in your site. Be sure to create at least 300-500 words articles to be sure it can contribute to additional traffic.


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